Moments of Clarity

Ted has a moment of clarity that could change the Rafters' lives forever...

There’s clearly something on Ted’s mind as he lies awake in bed, contemplating a pamphlet on Alzheimer’s. In light of his ongoing tests, he still isn’t sure whether he should reveal his fear to his family, or wait for definitive results. But when Ted suffers a mild stroke and he witnesses how badly the incident affects Julie and Dave, he resolves to keep the tests to himself. However things soon go from bad to worse when Ted has a slip of the mind that could have catastrophic consequences for everyone...

Jake is still upset at Alex (guest star KRISTIAN SCHMID) for his bender and the subsequent accident that landed him in hospital. So when Jake receives a cheque from Jim (guest star ANDY ANDERSON) – an early inheritance, he decides not to disclose anything to Alex, lest he use the money to buy drugs. But when Alex learns about the money, he realises in his own moment of clarity that he has given Jake far more respect than Jake has seen fit to reciprocate. Will the brothers be able to reconcile after so much turmoil between them?

Emma’s dad Mark (guest star STEVE VIDLER) has moved into Donna’s spare room as he searches for a house to buy - and Donna spirits begin to rise somewhat as they fall back into a semi-comfortable routine. However old habits begin to rear their ugly head and when Donna notices her OCD symptoms returning, she has a big decision to make: does she allow herself to fall back into old routines or does she confront Mark now?

Meanwhile, Matt and Voula (guest star OLIVIA STAMBOULIAH) have a mirror held up to themselves when in the throes of their passionate tryst they find their usual roles reversed – with Matt playing the lovesick pursuer and Voula the one fleeing the bedroom in the middle of the night. With the shoe snugly on the other foot, Voula realises that Matt’s neediness is unattractive and that her own needy ways must have probably driven men away in the past. But does she have the confidence to resist Matt’s charms and end it?

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