Filling the Void

Julie tries to find ways to fill the void left by her absent kids, while the calamitous return of Alex sees Jake’s life fuller than ever before...

Turfed from his room in light of Alex’s reappearance, Matt gratefully takes up Julie’s offer of a spare bed. Dave is concerned Matt will become a freeloading mainstay at their house, but Julie, trying to fill the void left by her absent children, sells him on the idea. Dave soon changes his tune when he and Matt end up enjoying a jam session on the couch. Julie changes her tune, too, when the jam goes late into the night and her patience with their new house guest begins to wear very thin...

Meanwhile, Ben’s absence is being acutely felt by Emma, but her sadness is momentarily eclipsed by her joy at th e reappearance of her father, Mark, fresh from Melbourne and as Emma soon discovers, still smarting from a breakup of his own – from Natalie, the woman he left Donna for. Has Mark returned looking for reconciliation and if so, is this something Donna might be amenable to?

Carbo too, is missing Ben and when cousin Voula turns up on their doorstep, having heard about the now-vacant room, he seizes the opportunity to fill their now empty house once more. Though not in the way Voula hoped, as he rebuffs her offer of becoming their new housemate – but rather with a party, to ring in the new non-Ben era! Guests arrive in droves - including Frankie’s ex, Bryn.

Coby has his own difficult conversation looming – breaking up with Heather. Guided by Frankie, he gently lets Heather down, only to discover she’s added a hilarious interpretation of her own. And is Frankie driven purely by friendship in her motives to help Coby?

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