Letting Go

Will Julie and Dave maintain the rage in the continuing fall-out from Dave's infidelity. Can they find the strength to let go of their anger before Ben discovers the truth behind their bickering?

Tension remains high in the Rafter house as Julie and Dave struggle to forgive each other for the other's perceived infidelity and Ted, caught in the middle, is feeling the strain. He's sick of having to hide the real reason behind their squabbles from Ben and implores them to move on before they have to explain everything to their son. But it's clear that letting go could be a long way off for our couple as they accept Ben's invitation to a weekend in the country.

Understaffed and under the pump, Dave implores Coby to return to work. But Coby is in no mood to forgive Dave when he turns up at his door – he's even willing to take a humiliating job at a local carwash rather than return to Rafter Electrical. Even Frankie's pleas to Coby to let go of his anger towards herself and Dave fall on deaf ears. And when Frankie feels all hope is lost, she decides it's time to plead her case to the person who'd she'd least expect to be able to face: Julie.

Meanwhile Donna begins to notice small slips in Ted's memory. And even though he's quick to chalk it up to stresses at home, Donna begins to suspect there might be more to it than that...

And Carbo is also having trouble letting go of something – his beloved Charger. Having deemed it unsuitable for transporting babies, Retta decides they have to sell it. Carbo is comically outraged and is prepared to go to extreme lengths to protect his baby.

Writers: Hamilton Budd.

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