A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

Dave confronts the fall-out to his moment of infidelity. Compared to years of loyal marriage, is it possible for a kiss to remain just a kiss?

Dave fantasises that Julie takes the news of his kiss with Frankie quite well, but in reality he knows it's not going to be that easy. When Frankie announces she's going to quit, Dave begins to realise the wider repercussions of his indiscretion. Still deciding the best way to play it, Dave convinces Frankie not to make any rash decisions, and she agrees to continue working, blaming herself for initiating the drunken moment. For a while, Dave lets Matt convince him that the incident is trifling in light of nearly thirty years of a great marriage, and almost manages to persuade himself that staying quiet is the better course.

Dave isn't the only one dealing with a guilty conscience. Julie feels a niggling guilt about her evening with Adam (guest star CAMERON DADDO) and she tells Dave he popped over and they shared a bottle of wine, stopping short of sharing her growing attraction to her boss. Confiding her crush to Donna, Julie is given further pause for concern when Donna warns her to be careful, worried her friend is moving into dangerous emotional territory.

When Coby wades into the situation, all guns blazing, Dave knows he has to own up to his lapse. He finally tells Julie about his kiss with Frankie. Will Julie be understanding? Or will her pain drive her into the arms of her boss?

Carbo's marriage also is under comic fire, or at least he thinks it is, when Retta admits she has issues with certain aspects of his kissing technique.

Writers: Kim Wilson and Jenny Lewis.

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