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  • Packing Up the Rafters (Series Final)

    The Rafters begin the emotional task of packing up their beloved family home and saying

  • Centre of the Universe

    Ben, Coby and Sammy all return to the Rafter fold and it’s obvious the centre of the

  • Head vs Heart

    Julie and Dave wrestle with their decision to sell their beloved family home. Will they

  • Role Reversals

    Julie finds herself in the unenviable position of having to play the role of parent to an

  • Damage Control

    Dave's enduring belief that nothing is beyond repair is put to the test when a crisis

  • Taking Stock

    Julie finds herself dealing with the demands of a toddler and caring for Ted, whose

  • Manning Up

    Ted continues to drift between the past and present, forcing both him and his family to

  • Reality Checks

    Nathan heads to London, desperate to find out why his wife Saskia never arrived in Sydney

  • Secret Women's Business

    After months of putting her own needs on hold, Julie is starting to feel the strain. It's

  • Setting Limits

    Easy-going Dave has his limits put to the test and begins to suspect his good nature is

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