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Angus grew up on a dairy farm near Leongatha, south east of Melbourne, a fifth generation property passed down on his father’s side.

“I was the drama kid,” Angus remembers. “I always felt this urge to go away and fulfil this dream of being an actor.

“Like Nathan, my parents gave up so much to make my dreams come true. Mum would take me to auditions in Melbourne, which was an hour and a half away, and she even moved to the Gold Coast with me for six months when a role came up there.”

After appearing in a number of amateur productions for the Leongatha Lyric Theatre, Angus made the leap to professional work with a recurring role on the ABC series Something in the Air, when he was only 12 years old.

His co-star Erin Bana was an inspiration to the young actor during filming. “We had a couple of scenes together and he really took me under his wing,” the 20-year-old remembers.

Several further TV credits followed, including the children’s series Worst Best Friends, The Saddle Club and Fergus McPhail. He also completed guest roles on Blue Heelers, Comedy Inc and Last Man Standing as well as a recurring role on Neighbours as Des and Daphne’s son Jamie Clarke.

Angus’ first main cast role came in 2004 in the children’s series Silver Sun. In 2005 he made his feature film debut in the low budget Melbourne feature Court of Lonely Royals.

The following year he won the role of Lewis McCartney on the popular series H20: Just Add Water and a guest part on All Saints. But Packed to the Rafters is Angus’ first adult main cast role. “I love how easy the words flow off the page,” he says. “The dialogue is very real. So it’s great to be part of it. The vibe among the cast and crew is fantastic.”

Aside from acting, Angus is also an accomplished singer and musician. He currently plays drums in the band Rapids. “Music and acting are closely tied so it’s never surprising to hear of people doing both,” he says. “I draw a lot of things from both. Playing gigs is pretty hard to top but when you have a great day on set, that’s pretty cool too.”

Music is certainly in Angus’ genes. His father Peter, like his on-screen dad in Packed to the Rafters, played in a band called Back to Scratch in the late 80s. His eldest brother Aiden is also in a band, Long Walk Home, who are currently enjoying huge success in Germany.

Away from work, Angus is a keen sportsman who enjoys cricket, swimming and AFL football.

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