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Shock revelation: new contestants for MKR

February 18, 2013, 11:58 pmYahoo7

As former beauty queens Lisa and Candice depart, six ruthless new players arrive

Shock revelation: new contestants for MKR

WA mother and daughter Lisa and Candice – who didn't hold back when criticising their competitors' culinary skills - have got nothing on My Kitchen Rules' new contestants, NSW best friends Ashlee and Sophia, They're two of the six gatecrashers who shocked the original hopefuls by joining the competition.

SA's domestic goddesses, cupcake artist Jenna, 25, and mum Joanna, 27 - who runs a barbeque business with her husband - impressed with a Garfish entrée that judge Pete Evans said was the best dish he'd had in the competition. It landed them two 10s and contributed to a total score of 87 that saw Lisa and Candice eliminated.

But the big news of the night was the show's new twist: the arrival of The Gatecrashers, three more pairs that will take on the three lowest scoring teams (SA's Lisa and Stefano, TAS's Ali and Samuel and QLD's Dan and Steph) in another instant restaurant round.

Who are these Gatecrashers? Real housewives Angela and Melinafrom Melbourne, VIC, food nerds Keiran and Nastassia from Perth, WA, and BFF's (Best Friends Forever) Ashlee and Sophia from Sydney, NSW. Of the lot, Ashlee and Sophia appeared the most fearsome with battle cries of, “We're going to kick them out of this competition one by one”, “We're hard arses and that's how we're going to bring it” and, about a rival's dish, “I don't understand it. Nor do I like it.”

Next, the six teams travel to Melbourne for Angela and Melina's instant restaurant Bella Mamma.

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