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Daniel Grayson

January 14, 2013, 3:24 pmYahoo!7

Played by Josh Bowman

Daniel Grayson

Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman) is Victoria and Conrad's son, and an all - American boy of privilege.

Daniel's life embodies all that comes with being the firstborn of a wealthy family - high expectations to succeed, partnered with a penchant for getting into any and all trouble his family can buy his way out of.

But when his party-boy ways culminated in a messy drunk driving accident the previous summer, Daniel's free-pass was revoked by his parents and replaced with stricter boundaries and even higher expectations.

Now Daniel has returned to the Hamptons after a semester at Harvard Business School, struggling to face the demons of his past and re-imagine the life he wants to live and the man he wants to be. In this fragile state, Daniel's unable to resist Emily Thorne's beauty, kindness, and wise counsel, unknowing that he is the entrée she's counting on to infiltrate and bring down the family that's invested so much in him.

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