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“We’re excited to meet our fans.”

November 15, 2012, 11:14 amYahoo7

Before they hit the stage for the final time, The Collective will be putting on a show for their fans in Sydney!

We’re excited to meet our fans.

After a nerve-wracking moment in the bottom two, The Collective are focused and ready for Monday’s grand final. But before they hit the stage for the final time, they’ll be putting on a show for their fans at Westfield Sydney (Pitt St Mall, Cnr Market & Pitt Streets, Sydney NSW) TONIGHT from 6pm.

How are you feeling about your performance at Westfield Sydney tonight?

JULIAN: Excited! It’s the second time we get to perform outside of X Factor.
ZACH: It’s our first Westfield, too. Everyone else has pretty much had one except for us.
JULIAN: We’re excited to meet our fans.

Are you going to bring anything special to the performance?

JAYDEN: I’m going to wear my Donald Duck beanie.
JULIAN: I might bring my Harry Potter wand.

Tell us a little bit about your grand final competitors, Sammi and Jason?

JAYDEN: The acts are so different; we’re all so different.

What did Ronan say to you after you made it through?

ZACH: He said if we don’t win then we’re hopeless. [Laughs] No, he was really happy and proud of us.

How are you going to step up your game on Monday night?

WILL: We’re going to bring back flips. All of us.
JULIAN: We’re going to go shirtless. No, we’re joking, no tops off.

But Johnny Ruffo did it...

WILL: Yeah, well Johnny Ruffo is quite large...
JULIAN: If we win, I’ll probably do a streak or something. [Laughs]

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