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Missy Peregrym's cyberterrorist role

October 26, 2012, 10:09 amYahoo7

‘Cybergeddon’s’ Missy Peregrym on apologizing and her online guilty pleasure...

Missy Peregrym s cyberterrorist role

The Canadian-born television and film actress Missy Peregrym (“Rookie Blues”) takes to email to discuss her role in the Yahoo! Screen original series, “Cybergeddon.” The star plays a rogue FBI agent, Chloe Jocelyn, who has been set up as a cyberterrorist and is racing to find the actual criminal before it’s too late. The star talks about her favorite online guilty pleasure, how she's definitely not a techie, and goose poop.

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1. What was the best part of playing Chloe? What about the most challenging part?
Chloe is an intelligent, strong woman completely capable in every situation and up for any challenge, which I enjoyed. The most difficult part was playing someone intelligent. Seriously though, it was challenging to play someone who could be extremely selfish and cutthroat at times, and I had to play outside my personal instincts. Remember, I'm Canadian, naturally we apologize more than a Canadian goose defecates (every 90 seconds).

2. Were you inspired by any female action stars?
Obviously Angelina Jolie is a great inspiration when it comes to this kind of film, but I didn't really go there when playing Chloe. I don't ever want to try to be like someone else or think of how someone else would play the character. I want the choices to organically come from the moment.

3. What drew you to this project?
I thought it was an interesting concept to release a film online. I believe that our industry is going in this direction, and I was excited to be a part of one of the first projects. Also, I really liked the vibe of the team and what they brought creatively to the film. I'm really looking forward to the final cut.

4. Much of 'Cybergeddon' involves people starring intently at a monitor. Was that a challenge to make exciting for the viewer?
Yes, especially because sometimes we had no idea what we were talking about. We had to ask around a lot so that we were believable. I think the challenge was also for Diego (director) to come up with different shots to break up all the scenes, which he did well.

5. Do you consider yourself a techie? Have you ever been hacked? Is it something you worry about?
I'm definitely not a techie. I think it's safe to say I am aware of 3% of what's actually possible with my computer. Pictures. Music. Email. I was in denial concerning hackers and that my information was easy to obtain, but when I was working on "Cybergeddon" I couldn't escape the reality check. It freaked me out how many tactics are used to steal information, but we're not totally doomed thanks to companies like Norton AntiVirus. As far as I know, I haven't been hacked; however, there have been times when personal information or photos have been out in the cyberworld and I know they were taken off of my family's personal pages or computers. It bothers me that I have to censor things so much, and now my family does, too.

6. How do you keep your private life private, in light of everything that is online? Is such a thing possible for celebrities?
I find it increasingly difficult to protect my life since Twitter and other social media outlets became prominent. There's a growing expectation to constantly post about your life and be available all the time, and I find that tough since I can't even return a friend's text within a week. I think the more frustrating part of the Internet is that most of what you read is personal opinion and untruthful. I think once you become a celebrity, the toughest thing is to change your perspective and not allow the intrusion to dominate your thoughts.

7. Do you have an online guilty pleasure? A favorite viral video you can't stop watching?
There's a video that I love because it's so inappropriate. A Dutch talk show host, Erik Hartman, can't stop laughing at his guests, and if you read the subtitles of their conversation it's even worse. I have been in many moments where I cannot stop laughing and the more I should stop, the harder I laugh.

8. What's your first online memory? Were you on the Internet at an early age?
I remember when MSN first came out when I was in high school, and I would sit at home and type with my friends. . . . I didn't really get the point when we could actually be hanging out since they lived three houses down. I'm still like that. I'd prefer to be with people and talk. However, the Internet has kept my family close through Skype and email, so I'm grateful.

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