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Live Chat Recap with Team Hunners!

May 31, 2012, 1:45 pmAAP

Team Hunners answered fan questions in an exclusive online chat today. Check out the highlights & get the latest goss on the Cougar and her Toyboy.

Live Chat with Team Hunners!

Team Hunners Sarah and James held a live chat this morning giving fans the chance to ask questions one on one with the Cougar and her Toyboy.

Highlights from today's chat:

eliza: how can you run in heels?
Sarah: It's easier for me to run heels, it feels more comfortable for me to wear heels. I made the shoes so I can run in something I'm comfortable in

Patricia: The Egg challenge made me feel ill,how did you guys do it?
James: The eggs were disgusting! They were warm and the smell was disgusting.
Sarah: It was the most disgusting ever, the smell, the texture! It was vile!

Rye: Hi Team Hunners! What was your first impressions on the other teams?
SarahJames: @Rye. We were scared off the other teams at first, they were very fast, strong and competitive and we thought we were the dodgy team! When we watched the show last year, we thought we would be alright but when we meet the teams, we thought oh no, they are serious!

Ben: What team did you find easiest to get along with?
James: The Italian sisters, we love them and got along with them and Sticky and Sam.

Johnny: Hi Sarah how u feel when picking up those pigs are they heavy
SarahJames: @Johnny LOL, I just waited for a pig and gave him a little pat. It was loads of fun! I would actually love to do it again. But people were screaming with laughter!

Morgan: What in your opinion was the hardest part of runnng the race? No food? No sleep? Language barriers in the countries? other teams?
SarahJames: @Morgan, the hardest part of the race was dealing with each other! Hahaha

Siobhan: I'm really keen to try out for the amazing race when im old enough!! got any tips to get on to the show?
SarahJames: The race is hard, there is a lot that goes on which you don't see. You can't sleep, you don't get much time to eat. So there is a lot of stuff behind the scenes which make it even more difficult

Lisa: sarah and james wat are the police guys like??
SarahJames: @Lisa, the cops are so funny! They are good blokes, great Aussie guys.

Jeff: Hey Sarah and James. Great to see the fire and sparks flying. What's the glue that keeps u together
Sarah: @Jeff, we don't know! We just click for some reason. We love spending time together. For some reason, we are like magnets, who knows why we are still together. Hopefully we are still together when we are in our 80s. We have a lot of fun.

el: were there any teams you got along with well during the race?
SarahJames: We get along really with all of the teams and still catch up with them after the race.

Brett: Is there a team nobody liked?
SarahJames: Paul and Steve copped the short end of the stick, but they didn't care, they were not looking for any friends. They actually took the focus off a lot of the other teams haha.

James: So when's the wedding?
SarahJames: wedding yet! Sarah: I've been married and divorced, but I will never say never

Brett: Do you think the show portrays you in an accurate manner?
SarahJames: @Brett, yes and no. It's a TV show, but yes Sarah is as crazy as she is on TV! Haha

sticky & sam: why didnt you lend us 20 bucks for a taxi ;)
SarahJames: We had no money at the point when Sticky and Sam was asking us, so we would have love to help them but we couldn't. We would have liked to help them, but we had no money to share.

SarahJames: We are so grateful everyone is being so supportive of us. Enjoy watching us, we love watching it too! Don't underestimate us, you will be surprised! Apart from all the fights, dramas, you will be proud of us. We were proud of us. Keep in touch with us via our Facebook page!

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