The latest from My Kitchen Rules

In one of the most challenging cooks ever seen on MKR, the final five teams fought for their place in the Semi Finals.

The Top 6 teams had to "master their disasters" to avoid being sent to Sudden Death. Favourites Della & Tully and Valerie & Courtney ended up going head-to-head presenting extraordinary, Grand …

Meatmasters Tim & Kyle disappointed when they should have shone and were sent to their first Sudden Death against fellow first timers Karen & Ros.

The top eight teams returned to Kitchen HQ for the Quarter Finals and after a break from battle, Tim & Kyle seemed out of ammunition. But in a tight race to the finish, it was hipsters Court & Duncan …

David & Betty made their mama’s proud with a heritage menu that secured them third place on the leaderboard.

Despite plating up some excellent food, an "unacceptably long" wait for disappointing desserts sent Court & Duncan to the bottom of the leaderboard.

In the race to the finals, footy friends Mark & Chris dropped the ball with only a few highs and more lows, including a main course Brisbane’s Amy likened to dog food.

A few standout dishes, including a 10/10 entrée, put Della & Tully into second place on the leaderboard – and nobody was more surprised than they were!