We stopped to chat with Pete Evans during his hectic filming schedule to get the low-down on the new season of My Kitchen Rules.

What can we expect from MKR in 2014?

More drama and passion than ever before! These teams exude innovation and creativity; we will see food on the plate that respects the ingredients which I find really exciting. We have a number of teams inspired from their heritage so we can expect to see a lot of love coming from the kitchen.

What is different about the new season?

I am really excited about the MKR Food truck this year. It's something we have never done and an engineering feat, this truck is massive!

Are there any big personalities on the show?

We have some teams this year who are full of confidence but we will see if they can back it up with skills in the kitchen. Some of our contestants are couples, we have best friends and twins (just to name a few) so each relationship has a unique dynamic and that certainly comes across in the kitchen. All of our teams are passionate about food so you can expect some fireworks.

Are you excited about the new locations you are visiting?

We have some fantastic locations to visit this year and the challenges will incorporate some of the amazing fresh produce that Australia has to offer.

Can you give us any exclusive gossip about the show?

I can say that not everyone remembers their manners at the table so we will see some strategic moves in play and some teams passion for food is only superseded by their passion for winning.

My Kitchen Rules will return to Seven after the Tennis.