It was an emotional night at Ashlee and Sophia's instant restaurant The Factory in Cabramatta, Sydney, NSW, when the normally cool hosts became frazzled after the judges were disappointed with their bland Poached Chicken Salad entree. On the other side of the table, Lisa and Stefano were still reeling from scoring just 38 at their instant restaurant in Adelaide, SA.

After adding more kick to the dipping sauce to accompany their main of Shrimp and Pork Vietnamese Pancakes, Ashlee (whose heritage is Vietnamese) and Sophia (whose family is from Cambodia) won a perfect 10 from Pete and 9 from Manu despite keeping their guests waiting for two and a half hours after the entree. The best friends - who wanted to do their refugee parents proud - also had a winner with their Lime Creme Brulee dessert. They got a total score of 64, which took them to second on the leaderboard and saw Lisa and Stefano eliminated.Sophia's cocksure attitude and use of slang ensured there was never a dull moment. Her most memorable quotes were, "Love you, bee-atch", "I reckon it's going to be a cinch", "We're just gonna go bounce", and, about the d├ęcor of Lisa and Stefano's instant restaurant Carnavale, "Their one looks like a pinata threw up." Best of all: "If we get a good score tonight I'm going to get my local council to name a park after me." Next, every team is challenged to cook under extreme conditions, resulting in a medical disaster for one contestant.Check when My Kitchen Rules is on next on our TV Guide