After SA's domestic goddesses Jenna (Cupcake) and Joanna came second on the leaderboard with a score of 87, WA's former beauty queens, Lisa and Candice, were eliminated. But the show didn't go on as expected: six new contestants rocked up to take on the three lowest scoring teams (SA's [Lisa and Stefano|], TAS's Ali and Samuel and QLD's Daniel and Steph) in another instant restaurant round.First in the kitchen were gatecrashers Angela, 31, and Melina, 37, real housewives from Melbourne, VIC. The best friends and businesswomen celebrating their grandmas in their Italian farmhouse style instant restaurant Bella Mamma. Their Zucchini Flower and Melanzane entrée and Summer Delight dessert fell flat but judge Manu Feildel said their Red Wine Beef Cheeks main was "cooked to perfection." They received 50 points.Next, married couple Dan and Steph from QLD's Hervey Bay made an unimpressive Duck Sausage entrée and Pork Knuckle main. The verdict from the hard to please NSW gatecrashers? "The first thing I'm thinking is vom," said Sophia while Ashlee offered, "My dogs eat better than this." Dan and Steph wowed with their Orange Tian dessert and scored 52.Then WA gatecrashers, friends Keiran, 31, who works in retail, and Nastassia, 29, who is in real estate, made a mess of their meal by botching quantities and timings. They named their instant restaurant The Asylum, "Because we're crazy as all hell" but their guests weren't laughing after waiting five hours for their main of Trout Baked in Salt Dough. Their score was 48.On the next episode friends Ali and Samuel from Hobart, TAS, get another turn over the hotplate. Sparks are guaranteed to fly between Angela and Melina and rivals Ashlee, 28, who works in blogging and photography, and communications student Sophia, 29. The Sydney best friends offended their competitors when, after Keiran and Nastassia served a winning dessert of Champagne Poached Pears, Sophia said, "I'm glad that we finally have competition." Melina came back with, "Wow. You said that out loud. I'm impressed."Will Ashlee and Sophia, who admitted to a crush on Pete - "He is my baby boy," she said - charm the judges? It's doubtful they'll be charming Stefano who Ashlee described as, "Dumb" and Sophia said is, "Mind numbing. Like, I actually need to go now to preserve my intellect." Explosive!Check when My Kitchen Rules is on next on out TV Guide