WA mother and daughter Lisa and Candice got their competitors' hackles up during Week 3 of My Kitchen Rules with some harsh criticism of their creations. Meanwhile, Bondi personal trainers Luke and Scott proved they can do healthy and delicious by scoring the highest points so far in this series.

NSW fitness freaks Luke, 29, and Scott, 36, took their hard working attitude into their instant restaurant, Made in Bondi, and came up trumps with a Prawn Salad Entree and Berry Macaroon Tart Dessert that scored them four tens and contributed to a whopping total of 90. Their only let down was an overcooked Spatchcock main. The previous episode, Tasmanian buddies Ali and Samuel scored 63 after a cheating drama saw them lose points for using curry paste from a jar.

At their instant restaurant Decadence in Hervey Bay, married Queenslanders Dan, 31, a painter and decorator, and advertising executive Steph, 30, reversed any good the NSW lads had done with a super fatty Cherry Cola Braised Pork main and Chocolate Brownie and Cookie Dough Ice Cream dessert. Both dishes disappointed, particularly after their near perfect Confit Salmon entree. Their total was 58, leaving WA ladies Lisa and Candice - who had awarded their competitors low scores - at the bottom of the leaderboard with 57.

The mother and daughter started off well with a gorgeous Seafood Casserole entree but messed up their Pork main and Pumpkin Pie dessert.

Next up, South Australian domestic goddesses Jenna and Joanna turn it on. Will cupcake artist Jenna, who shed tears of joy when talking about desserts because "I just love food", hold it together to make a mouthwatering dessert? What matching frocks will Lisa and Candice - who have worn complimenting outfits to each instant restaurant - come in? Tune in to find out.

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