Brother and sister Jake and Elle came under fire in their Sunshine Coast, Queensland instant restaurant Costa del Sol. After talking the fine dining talk for the first four episodes of My Kitchen Rules, they served up a main of T-bone Steak with Mushroom Ragu, Silverbeet, Radicchio and Potato and Parsnip Gratin that judge Pete Evans described as "meat and three veg" and "pub food". Like Manu, he awarded it just 5 points.Law and business student Elle, 22, and performance and dance student Jake, 20, set fire to a saucepan and had to remake parts of their starter and dessert. Despite some amusing bickering - "Calm ya farm," Jake told a panicking Elle - they saved the dishes and proved they have what it takes to work under pressure. Their entree of Rabbit, Pancetta and Thyme Ravioli won them two eights from the judges, while their dessert of Orange and Basil Syrup Cake with Basil Ice Cream, Candied Orange and Toffee Shard landed them two nines.A total score of 65 placed them at the second bottom of the leaderboard, above Spice Girls Jessie and Biswa, who had launched a full on assault ("I taste it, I hate it," said Jessie about the Ravioli) and scored Jake and Elle a measly 1. The Spice Girls are on tenterhooks as they'll be leaving the show if South Australian romantics Lisa and Stefano score higher than them in the next episode.Check out when My KItchen Rules is on next on our TV Guide.