They slammed their competitors' ingredients and confidently declared they would score three tens, but it was an off the cuff comment made by NSW's Spice Girls that really upset their My Kitchen Rules competitors. On welcoming them to their Instant Restaurant Taza – which had a Maharaja theme - Biswa said, “No more boring food!”

True to their word, the dishes they knocked up in Sydney's North West were far from boring. But not for the right reasons. After keeping their guests waiting for over two hours, ravenous judge Manu Feildel told them to stop talking and concentrate on cooking. Finally, student Jessie, 25, and assistant sales manager Biswa, 23, served a small and unimpressive entree of pani puri, lamb samosa and yoghurt lassi.

Another two hours later, the high school buddies delivered Goat Sindhi Biryani which, despite tasty meat, judge Pete Evans said had “very, very bland” rice.

Then the Spice Girls made the ultimate foodie faux pas: they neglected to taste their dessert of Gulab Jamun - deep fried donut - with bitter baked yoghurt that Pete Evans called “inedible” and Tasmanian abalone diver Mick said was “like paint stripper”.

Pete told them they'd attempted too many complex dishes and Biswa, whose family are from India (Jessie's are Bangladeshi), said, “We let the whole Indian community down.” With tears in their eyes, they listened to their final score: 41, one of the lowest in My Kitchen Rules' history, which landed them on the bottom of the leaderboard.

Next episode, Queensland siblings Jake and Elle show off their culinary skills.

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