Teams traveled west to Perth for the third instant restaurant hosted by quirky hipster couple Josh and Andi. Fashion retail manager Andi made her care-free attitude clear from the start declaring: "I don't do recipes, I always go by my gut with everything I do in life." While her partner Josh may have preferred to have a more methodical plan of attack, the quiet solicitor was at the mercy of his lady's direction for most of the evening.The pair, who dream of one day opening their own tapas bar, chose a 'dark romantic' décor for their restaurant, Black Champagne, paired with a Moroccan inspired menu. It was a night of thrills and spills for the dynamic duo as they encountered one mishap after the other, starting with an entrée of dukah encrusted lamb with radish tzaziki, that was served to their famished guests with one cutlet instead of two. Thus resulting in plenty of dining table grumbling. "There is a fine line between entrée and appetizer," exclaimed Jake.While Josh and Andi hoped to appease rumbling stomachs with an impressive main course of Moroccan chicken with harissa and vegetable couscous, a water misscalculation cooking the couscous forced the pair to serve their dish without this side - leaving a disappointingly bare plate of chicken and veggies. Adding to the drama, fussy 'Spice Girl' Jessie instigated an over the top coughing fit upon smelling the capsicum on her plate crying: "I can smell the capsicum|.take it away from me!" Fortunately, Josh and Andi were able to finish on a high note delivering an exquisite chocolate fondant with coffee crème anglais for desert. The dish had judge Pete Evans remarking: "Josh and Andi are naturally good cooks and this is what the competition is all about."After a rollercoaster ride to the end, Josh and Andi were happy with their final score of 68, breathing a sigh of relief to have made it through the night.'Spice Girls' Jessie and Biswa are up next and will be out to prove they are more than just big talkers. Will these feisty ladies score a perfect 10 for all three of their dishes? Or will they be brought crashing down to earth?