Last year's series My Kitchen Rules had it's fare share of peculiar and villainous characters but this year's contestants might just be some of the most entertaining cooking competitors to ever grace our screens.

From trendy hipsters, to Bollywood loving "Spice Girls", old romantics and a down to earth abalone diver, this year's My Kitchen Rules contestants are as diverse as they come. The one trait they do share is a fierce determination to be crowned this year's champions.

20 year old Jake Harrison from the Sunshine Coast appears to have already claimed the title of this season's Dr. Evil with his forthright manner and sharp tongue.

While Sydney gal pals Jessie and Biswa also won't be holding back when it comes to voicing their culinary critic.

"We're straightforward. Like, if you don't take us with a pinch of salt you will probably hate us," says Jessie. "We're quite upfront about how we feel about things. Like, we're quite opinionated."

Fortunately, the group is tempered with more humble contestants including father and son duo, Mick and Matt who describe themselves as "old fashioned guys who like old-fashioned values" and fun loving odd couple Josh and Andi from Perth.

My Kitchen Rules, Channel 7, premiering Monday, January 28