March 28, 2012

Last night on 'My Kitchen Rules', florist and "princess" Leigh & Jennifer defeated fellow South Australians Nic & Rocco in an epic, two hour grand final.

It was an action-packed finale, with both teams having to prepare five courses, plating up a total of 100 meals. If that wasn't pressure enough, the former contestants, as well as the finalists' families, were brought in to watch.

Nic & Rocco impressed with their innovative menu containing Seared Moroccan Tuna, Bug Tails, Spatchcock Two Ways, Poached Pork Belly and Chocolate Raspberry Pop Delight, whereas Leigh & Jennifer offered up Crab Congee, Scallops in XO Sauce, Quail, Wagyu Beef Ribs and Chocolate Hazlenut Cake.

The judges unanimously lauded Leigh & Jennifer's Wagyu Beef Ribs, with Pete declaring, "It was creative, inventive, challenging. It was beautiful." Similarly, the judges loved Nic & Rocco's unique Chocolate Raspberry Pop Delight dessert and Bug Tails, the latter which Manu ensured, "melted in my mouth".

Dish for dish, it was a very tight race, with both teams delivering a quintet of mouth-watering meals. Indeed, both teams were worthy of the $250 000 prize, but there could only be one winner.

And that winner was Leigh & Jennifer, whose contemporary, full-flavoured menu shone the brightest, earning them a record-breaking score of 58/60, which eclipsed Nic & Rocco's still impressive 52/60. As Manu put it, "tonight was magic".

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Watch the announcement of the winners below!

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