March 22, 2012

It was Greek food versus seafood on last night's 'My Kitchen Rules' as seafood aficionados Megan & Andy defeated Greek maestros Steve & Helen in another action packed Elimination Week sudden death cook-off.

The episode began with a citrus challenge in which the five remaining teams had to create a competition dish using citrus flavours. Following that was the jury's last stand, with the previously eliminated teams sentencing Megan & Andy to the sudden death cook-off. This was followed by Pete and Manu's verdict, with the venerable judges announcing that Steve & Helen would be also be heading straight to the cook-off.

Steve & Helen then pitted their signature Rolled Chicken up against Megan & Andy's Jambalaya.

Once again, Megan & Andy showed why they're known as the seafood king and queen, amassing a score of 50/60 for their seafood amalgam, easily besting Steve & Helen's score of 36/60.

Megan & Andy now advance to the finals where they will continue to fly the flag for Tasmania. Don't miss the beginning of the MKR finals, tonight at 7:30pm.

Watch Steve & Helen's MKR journey below.