It's Academic

It's Academic

Sally’s Storytime

Will she clue us in on giant jellyfish, profile some unusual artists or tell us all a tale of the high seas? All we know is that you have to be listening hard to earn those bonus points! You can also check out Sally in the videos section of our website.

In Series 17, Sally investigates a vegetarian shark, the colourful history of tattoos, ghost galaxies, a flower grown from a 30,000-year-old seed, mud volcanoes and why the kilogram is losing weight. She also looks into the science behind electronic skin, the world’s biggest virus, urine fuel, solar planes, talking plants, sneezing, and making your own kaleidoscope and biodome. Tune in to learn about the story of Anne Frank, feathered dinosaurs, the world’s rarest languages, the Parthenon, some weird Olympic Mascots, the dingo’s family tree, a bright pink lake, the world’s fastest texters and plenty more!

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