Meet Minerva. She’s 11 years old and has many mysterious talents. She goes to a top secret academy for junior geniuses. She’s the smallest and the youngest person at the academy, and she’s often underestimated. But she’s never, ever wrong. See if you can keep up with her as she solves a different puzzle every week by thinking logically and laterally. Oh, and keep an eye out for Neil, Minerva’s pet Huntsman. He’ll be hiding somewhere in each week’s animation. Check out some online Minerva segments here.

Minerva is back in series 18 with a whole host of new problems to solve. There are head-hurting memory tests to master, lateral thinking riddles to crack, and hidden skeleton keys to find. She’s got to fit her puzzle-solving activities around some new hobbies, too, including Mongolian throat-singing, unicorn polo, and firefly-keeping. Tune in Thursdays for all the action.

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