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The DIY light for the Dining Room was a big winner for Sean & Ella and was perfect timing for a down-and-out Kate & Harry after a long and emotional week.

Fiona returns to the house riled up and ready to have it out with Harry over zone boundaries and communication issues.

In yet another discrepancy over zones and measurements, Nicole thinks that she is entitled to more space now that the windows have been installed.

Andrew & Jono test out their pallet bed frame and Kate decides to jump in. Wait until Harry sees his wife 'in bed' with the Twins!

What's the itchiest, scratchiest and sweatiest job on any reno? Climbing up into the roof and installing insulation, as Troy found out!

Kate & Harry are having a really rough week in Tassie. Living out of a tent and missing their little boy like crazy is really taking a toll.

Troy & Bec are the only team to have not had a Bonus Room so far, and they're not handling it well at all.

Aaron & Daniella have to give the Bonus Room to another team, but how do they decide? They leave it up to the flip of a coin, of course!

Andrew & Jono have grand plans for Sean & Ella's Master Bedroom and Carolyn steps in to help them with another key design change.