With only two days to go, the three teams worked extremely hard to start creating their design for the Barnardos Beach House. It was an emotional day for two of the teams, after Carole and Russell decided to put the disputed “mid-wall” back in to their lounge, closing off the access to Candy and Ryan’s games room.

Carole made the point, “that is our zone, so the wall is going in,” however Candy and Ryan became frustrated with them for going back on the original plans, “what you’re doing, is making our room fail”.

The fighting words began to fly, with Candy trying to make her point clear to Carole and Russell. “You need your own entry,” argued Carole as Candy shouted, “you can’t impose on our zone!” As both teams are going against each other for a spot in the Grand Final, tensions were certainly rising.

Carole and Russell did not back down and made it clear to Candy and Ryan, that they were building the mid-wall. Clearly frustrated and annoyed that Team WA had gone back on their word, Candy became upset and stormed off site. “I feel a little bit physically sick,” said Carole after the argument.

Ryan was left in the house to try and calm Candy on the phone, as she was adamant that she was not returning to the competition. After some soothing words from interior designer Carolyn, “focus on the positive”, Ryan released his emotions and cleared his head, ready to look at the positive side of the situation. “We’ll do the best we possibly can with the space” he said.

After some time to get out of the house and explaining what happened to Lisa in the shop, Candy realised that even though she couldn’t change what was said, it was up to her to be the bigger person and return to the house. Back in the games room Ryan was on a roll, making extra storage space for the kids along the back of the mid-wall.

Feeling a little embarrassed after losing her cool, Candy was able to get a fresh perspective and move on after the altercation. Candy really stepped up when she apologised to Carole for what had happened, showing that she was hot headed in the spur of the moment.

“I feel for Candy, she’s only young,” said Carole. “She reminds me so much of my own daughter… she must have had a torturous day yesterday… I thought about her all day”. “She’s a good girl, she came and said sorry – there’s not at lot of people that do that these days.”

All teams know that they have a 1 in 3 chance of getting their mortgage completely paid off, and that their dreams could soon become reality.

To see the whole Charity House reveal and to find out who gets eliminated, tune in Wednesday 2nd July at 7:30pm.

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