FLASHBACK - 2008 - Jazz and Christine cause a scene at Jack and Martha's engagement party.

FLASHBACK - 2015 - Hannah and Evie argue over Hannah recent life choices.

FLASHBACK - 2015 - Leah is furious when she learns that Zac nd VJ gave up on her while she was in a coma.

FLASHBACK - 2009 - Annie tries to help with Irene's battle with the bottle but gets a slap in the face instead.

FLASHBACK - 2006 - Thinking her boyfriend (Kim) was dead from a helicopter crash, and still suffering from her mother's death, Rachel took to the bottle hard. Roommate and good friend Leah tried to …

FLASHBACK - 1996 - It was a sake of name calling that pushed both girls over the edge in this showdown.

FLASHBACK - 1991 - Sally confesses to losing Sophie's necklace that was given to her by her dead boyfriend, David. We were as shocked as Sal was when Sophie let one fly, poor Sally.