Zac has an opportunity to tell Leah the truth about where he was the night before, but instead decides to stay silent.

Riley asks Tori to leave with him to the city, to get away from her brothers and seek the life they always wanted.

After sleeping with Sam then leaving her in the morning, Sam turns up at Zac's house for answers.

Evie asks Matt to move with her to Vietnam for a year.

Zac and Leah's marriage is in trouble when Zac forsakes their vows. Tori grapples with Riley's cheating past. Matt is pressured to leave the Bay when Evie gets an amazing opportunity.

Marilyn is heartbroken to find out John is the arsonist... but so is John.

Ash finds out John is the arsonist and he wants answers.

Zac forsakes his vows, and cheats on Leah.