1. Love Triangles

    Love Triangles

    Love blossoms in Summer Bay but can turn into an ocean of emotional turmoil.

  2. London Calling

    London Calling

    The Braxtons head to London in hot pursuit of their women, Ricky and Bianca.

  3. Forever and a day

    Forever and a day

    If there's one thing that's guaranteed to unite Summer Bay – or tear it apart –...

  4. The pros and cons of being a twin

    The pros and cons of being a twin

    As twins often do, Evelyn and Oscar created a world of their own as toddlers and developed an...

  5. Bianca and Heath

    Bianca and Heath

    Opposites really do attract as bad boy Heath Braxton and school principal Bianca Scott have...

  6. April and Dex

    April and Dex

    High school sweethearts, their love was a meeting of two minds that evolved into true love.

  7. Braxtons vs Barretts

    Braxtons vs Barretts

    The Braxton and Barrett families have a troubled history, but what divides them may ultimately...