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    1 day ago

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    Posted Mon 03 Sep 2012 20:49
    Who else thinks there should be worldwide home and away auditions? I'd absolutely love to be in home and away, wow and to be given a chance to be in it would be amazing!
    2 hours,53 minutes ago

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    Posted Sun 27 Oct 2013 21:01

    of coures I would love to audition
    2 hours,53 minutes ago

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    Posted Tue 03 Dec 2013 02:45
    Where are auditions for home and away held? I live in Perth but would be very interested in auditioning and getting experience and advise from professionals
    01 Mar 2012

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    Posted Tue 03 Dec 2013 06:43
    First up you would need a very reputable agent (cost approx $1,000) then need a portfolio and get quality pics of yourself put together professionally modelled-looking at around $1.000 just for that.
    Also-you MUST be aware of people you are up against even if you got to the audition stage.
    Not sure if Rhiannon Fish's profile and background are still on 'Cast', but prime example of being 'in the industry" just being in a couple of school plays usually won't cut it.
    In Aus we've had acting schools started up about 10 yrs ago
    Rhiannon has done theatre work, singing, dancing etc since she was about 10 years old.
    Again-that's the type of competition you're up against.
    Yes, there are the occasional exceptions (Tasha) who was 'discovered' in a supermarket.
    Also Sarah, not sure what country you're from, but an Aussie accent is pretty much mandatory (occasional exception Kyle Pryor-playing Dr Nate)
    And last, but not least, we have a lot of overseas people wanting to audition-just remember-there are thousands in Aus who have done a tertiary degree in visual arts already lined up in the queue
    Might sound a bit brutal, but just saying it how it is......
    25 Jul 2010

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    Posted Wed 11 Dec 2013 00:17
    A reputable agent doesn't cost $1000. They should not charge anything up front, but you sign an agreement that they will take a commission of anything you earn. This is usually 10% of a regular TV show like H&A but can be higher for advertising work (15% or 20%).

    There may be a small fee of around $100-200 for your profile to be put on an acting website (e.g. Showcast).

    Quality photographs (headshots) also should not cost as much as $1000, more like $300.

    Not everyone has done lots of work before getting on H&A. Charles Cottier was cast straight out of school, but he had done acting classes for a few years and drama at school.

    But I agree that there would be a lot of competition!
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