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Brody's lies unravel as Tori gets closer to the truth. Irene and Leah's friendship is on rocky ground. Zac endangers himself after drinking away his sorrows.

Raffy's worried that Brody's lying to the Morgan's about his drug habit. Will Brody's lying and thieving save him from Zannis' wrath? Marilyn has doubts about John's character.

Olivia's birthday lunch turns out to be more memorable than anticipated. Roo experiences a potentially life changing shock.

Brody takes a step into darker territory. Roo collapses while moving house. Leah delivers a blow to Zac.

A messy custody battle brings out a lot of truths. Will Justin reveal Brody's drug problem? Phoebe's going to America - will Justin follow?

Phoebe returns from the tour, but her romantic reunion with Justin is short-lived. A new entrant to the custody battle for Luc enters. Marilyn and John must adapt to their new reality.