Jett James

It's more of a bodyguard kind of a deal.
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  1. Home and Away: Thu 10 Apr, episode 5940

    21:27 Home and Away: Thu 10 Apr, episode 5940

    A desperate Matt pleas for Sasha's help, and Jett gives John a hard time about doing the right thing.

    Also featuring:
    John Palmer
  2. Episode guide Thursday 5899 - 5900

    Episode guide Thursday 5899 - 5900

    Jett and VJ play detective and Harvey is a changed man – can he and Roo make it work?

    Also featuring:
    Harvey Ryan
    Roo Stewart
  3. J.P. & Son

    4:41 J.P. & Son

    John Palmer played by Shane Withington and Jett James played by Will McDonald love working together and describe the chaotic life of their characters, now Marilyn has joined the family.

    Also featuring:
    Shane Withington
    John Palmer



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