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  1. April and Dex

    1:00 April and Dex

    It was a beautiful moment when April (Rhiannon Fish) and Dex (Charles Cottier) finally...

    Also featuring:
    April Scott
    Charles Cottier
  2. April and Dex

    April and Dex

    After three years of ups and downs, April and Dex have finally committed to spending...

    Also featuring:
    April Scott
  3. The April and Dex love story

    5:16 The April and Dex love story

    Rhiannon Fish and Charles Cottier look back at April and Dex's three year love story.

    Also featuring:
    Rhiannon Fish
    April Scott
  4. Episode guides 5871- 5875

    Episode guides 5871- 5875

    April and Dex get married and then say goodbye to Summer Bay along with Indi and Sid.

    Also featuring:
    April Scott
    Indigo Walker



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