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  1. April and Dex

    1:00 April and Dex

    It was a beautiful moment when April (Rhiannon Fish) and Dex (Charles Cottier) finally tied the knot.

    Also featuring:
    April Scott
    Charles Cottier
  2. April and Dex

    April and Dex

    After three years of ups and downs, April and Dex have finally committed to spending their life together.

    Also featuring:
    April Scott
  3. The April and Dex love story

    5:16 The April and Dex love story

    Rhiannon Fish and Charles Cottier look back at April and Dex's three year love story.

    Also featuring:
    Rhiannon Fish
    April Scott
  4. Episode guides 5871- 5875

    Episode guides 5871- 5875

    April and Dex get married and then say goodbye to Summer Bay along with Indi and Sid.

    Also featuring:
    April Scott
    Indigo Walker


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