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  1. She's making him

    1:04 She's making him

    Chris has found a new inspiration in Hannah.

    Also featuring:
    Hannah Wilson
  2. Chris asks Hannah

    0:44 Chris asks Hannah

    To be his date...and with those puppy eyes, who could say no?!

    Also featuring:
    Hannah Wilson
  3. Hannah Smoulders

    1:27 Hannah Smoulders

    Anybody else find this as amusing as Chris and Denny seemed to?

    Also featuring:
    Denny Miller
  4. Home and Away preview - Monday 3rd August

    2:35 Home and Away preview - Monday 3rd August

    Chris and Hannah's friendship grows. Watch this exclusive sneak peek.

    Also featuring:
    Hannah Wilson
  5. Chris tricks Billie

    2:05 Chris tricks Billie

    Billie's taken Summer Bay by storm, causing havoc amongst everyone she meets. But...



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