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  1. Friday wrap

    Friday wrap

    Demi Harman turned 21 this week and Samara Weaving and Marcus Graham work together again.

    Also featuring:
    Demi Harman
    Marcus Graham
  2. Hawaii

    2:12 Hawaii

    In a romantic ceremony Indi (Samara Weaving) and Romeo (Luke Mitchell) get married in Hawaii.

    Also featuring:
    Indigo Walker


    Axle whitehead and Samara Weaving will be in Perth THIS Saturday.

  4. Home and Away's Hawaiian wedding

    4:33 Home and Away's Hawaiian wedding

    Samara Weaving and Luke Mitchell chat about this week's big wedding episodes.

  5. Home and Away in Hawaii

    2:33 Home and Away in Hawaii

    Luke Mitchell and Samara Weaving join us to chat about their adventures in Hawaii.

  6. A Fun Fearless Female

    A Fun Fearless Female

    Samara Weaving has been nominated for a Fun Fearless Female award in the Actress category.

  7. Samara Weaving

    Samara Weaving

    She's young she's gorgeous and she's moved to Summer Bay.


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