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  1. Nic and Tai

    Nic and Tai

    Nic Westaway and Tai Hara meet up with Saturday Disney presenter THIS SATURDAY.

    Also featuring:
    Tai Hara
  2. You asked what???

    4:39 You asked what???

    Nic Westaway, Dan Ewing and Steve Peacocke answer your questions, but you might not get...

    Also featuring:
    Steve Peacocke
    Dan Ewing
  3. Nic Westaway

    2:43 Nic Westaway

    Nic Westaway explains why Kyle Braxton has a reason to smile!

    Also featuring:
    Kyle Braxton
  4. Kyle is re-united with his ex Phoebe Nicholson

    6:41 Kyle is re-united with his ex Phoebe Nicholson

    Nic Westaway and Isabella Giovinazzo chat about past love between their characters.

    Also featuring:
    Isabella Giovinazzo
    Kyle Braxton
  5. Nic Westaway

    4:17 Nic Westaway

    Gives his take on filming the grueling outback scenes in South Australia.

    Also featuring:
    Kyle Braxton
  6. Nic Westaway

    1:55 Nic Westaway

    Plays Kyle Braxton.

    Also featuring:
    Kyle Braxton
  7. Who needs a date?

    Who needs a date?

    One lucky girl will take Nic Westaway to their school formal on Formal Wars!

  8. Left to die

    0:53 Left to die

    Kyle (Nic Westaway) kidnaps Casey (Lincoln Younes) and leaves him to die in the desert).

    Also featuring:
    Casey Braxton
    Kyle Braxton



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