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  1. Chat LIVE with Nic Westaway

    Chat LIVE with Nic Westaway

    Nic Westaway is taking over the Home and Away Facebook page!

  2. Nic and Tai

    Nic and Tai

    Nic Westaway and Tai Hara meet up with Saturday Disney presenter THIS SATURDAY.

    Also featuring:
    Tai Hara
  3. You asked what???

    4:39 You asked what???

    Nic Westaway, Dan Ewing and Steve Peacocke answer your questions, but you might not get the answers you expected from these cheeky 'on-screen' brothers!!

    Also featuring:
    Steve Peacocke
    Dan Ewing
  4. Nic Westaway

    2:43 Nic Westaway

    Nic Westaway explains why Kyle Braxton has a reason to smile!

    Also featuring:
    Kyle Braxton
  5. Kyle is re-united with his ex Phoebe Nicholson

    6:41 Kyle is re-united with his ex Phoebe Nicholson

    Nic Westaway and Isabella Giovinazzo chat about past love between their characters.

    Also featuring:
    Isabella Giovinazzo
    Kyle Braxton
  6. Nic Westaway

    4:17 Nic Westaway

    Gives his take on filming the grueling outback scenes in South Australia.

    Also featuring:
    Kyle Braxton
  7. Nic Westaway

    1:55 Nic Westaway

    Plays Kyle Braxton.

    Also featuring:
    Kyle Braxton
  8. Who needs a date?

    Who needs a date?

    One lucky girl will take Nic Westaway to their school formal on Formal Wars!



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