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  1. Friday wrap

    Friday wrap

    Demi Harman turned 21 this week and Samara Weaving and Marcus Graham work together again.

    Also featuring:
    Marcus Graham
    Samara Weaving
  2. Demi Harman

    4:30 Demi Harman

    Plays Sasha Bezmel

    Also featuring:
    Sasha Bezmel
  3. Demi Harman on bullying

    5:26 Demi Harman on bullying

    Sasha is bullied at school and Demi shares her own personal story.

    Also featuring:
    Sasha Bezmel
  4. Summer Bay suspense

    6:10 Summer Bay suspense

    Demi Harman, Steve Peacocke and Catherine Mack try their best not spoil this week's storyline on Home and Away.

    Also featuring:
    Steve Peacocke
  5. Better Homes and Gardens

    Better Homes and Gardens

    Joh drops into the set of Home and Away tonight at 7.30pm to catch up with Demi Harman.

  6. "I was bullied at school"

    "I was bullied at school"

    Logie nominee Demi Harman opens up about her own experiences of bullying.

  7. Demi Harman

    4:30 Demi Harman

    Plays Sasha Bezmel, Sid's illegitimate daughter!

    Also featuring:
    Sasha Bezmel


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