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  1. Friday wrap

    Friday wrap

    Ada Nicodemou shares her exciting news and Lynne McGranger wants to be in Downton Abbey.

    Also featuring:
    Lynne McGranger
  2. A changed woman returns to the Bay

    A changed woman returns to the Bay

    It's a new Leah Patterson-Baker who strides back into Summer Bay, and it's an all-new Ada Nicodemou as well.

    Also featuring:
    Leah Patterson-Baker
  3. Leah and Vinnie

    1:57 Leah and Vinnie

    Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Vinnie (Ryan Kwanten) blend their Scottish and Greek backgrounds in a spectacular wedding.

    Also featuring:
    Leah Patterson-Baker
  4. Ada shares her baby pics

    Ada shares her baby pics

    "Sorry I haven't tweeted for a while but I was busy having a baby!!!! We r all doing really well. X"



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