Ada Nicodemou stars as Leah Patterson-Baker in Home and Away, a single mother who has a strong work ethic and stands up for what she believes in.

Charlie Clausen was born in Melbourne, Australia, on July 31, 1977. As the youngest of nine children, Charlie learnt the gift of the gab at a very young age.

Emily Symons returned to Summer Bay as the iconic 'ditzy blonde' beautician Marilyn.

George was born in New Zealand and grew up in the city of Invergargill on the South Island with his parents and two older sisters.

Much loved, award-winning actress Georgie Parker joined the cast of Home and Away in 2010 as 'Roo' (Ruth) Stewart.

Isabella was born in Melbourne, the oldest of three in a creative family.

Jackson Heywood stars as Brody Morgan on Home and Away.

Born and raised in Surrey, England, Kyle Pryor emigrated to New Zealand in 2006 after successfully gaining his Joint Honours Bachelor of Arts in Media and Culture and Sports Science.

James, 40, is no stranger to our television screens having starred in one of Australia's best loved dramas, Packed to the Rafters.