Behind the Scenes

  1. Darcy goes missing

    Darcy goes missing

    Heath's daughter Darcy takes off with baby Harley in a fit of jealousy.

    Also featuring:
    Heath Braxton
  2. Friday wrap

    Friday wrap

    Home and Away cast make Who Magazine's Most Beautiful People of 2014.

  3. London montage

    1:08 London montage

    Fun in London for Steve Peacocke, Dan Ewing, Lincoln Younes, Bonnie Sveen, Lisa Gormley and crew.

    Also featuring:
    Steve Peacocke
    Bonnie Sveen
  4. Casey finds love

    2:08 Casey finds love

    Lincoln Younes chats about filming in the city of London.

    Also featuring:
    Lincoln Younes
    Casey Braxton
  5. Brax in London

    2:34 Brax in London

    Steve Peacocke talks about the rivalry between Brax and Nate.

    Also featuring:
    Steve Peacocke
    Darryl 'Brax' Braxton
  6. Bianca and Ricky love London

    2:37 Bianca and Ricky love London

    and so do Bonnie Sveen and Lisa Gormley.

    Also featuring:
    Bonnie Sveen
    Bianca Scott
  7. Heath chases his girl

    1:55 Heath chases his girl

    Dan Ewing gives his insight to the London storyline.

    Also featuring:
    Dan Ewing
    Heath Braxton
  8. The Braxtons take Britain

    1:44 The Braxtons take Britain

    Brax, Heath and Casey are looking for love in London.

    Also featuring:
    Darryl 'Brax' Braxton
    Casey Braxton
  9. Home and Away hits London

    7:01 Home and Away hits London

    Home and Away hunks Steve Peacocke and Lincoln Younes join Larry and Kylie for a chat about their recent trip to London.

    Also featuring:
    Steve Peacocke
    Lincoln Younes
  10. Stunt man Steve

    2:15 Stunt man Steve

    Steve did his own stunt in London, but it didn't quite go as planned!



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