HAA Cast - Ada Nicodemou
Ada Nicodemou

Ada was born on 14 May 1977 and grew up in Sydney, New South Wales.

Ada started acting at the age of 16 and her previous television credits include three years on Heartbreak High, two years on Breakers and one year on Police Rescue, Ada also featured on an American television series Beast Masters and appeared in a cameo role in the film Matrix starring Keanu Reaves. Ada was also the host of the reality show, Please Marry My Boy.

In 2005, Ada competed in and won the Grand Final of Channel Seven's Dancing with the Stars with professional dance partner, Aric Yegudkin.

In 2007, Ada married her partner Chrys, and five years later she gave birth to their handsome baby boy, Johnas.

Ada started filming with the show in 1999 and (along with Ray Meagher) is one of the longest serving cast members of the successful drama centred on the residents of Summer Bay. "There is still not a day where I don't enjoy coming to work. I am surrounded by lovely people who have become my family."

On her character, Ada says: "Leah is fiercely loyal and always goes the extra distance for her friends. The most important person in her world is her son VJ.

To relax, Ada loves going to the movies, reading and spending time with friends. She goes dancing, keeps fit and loves walking on the beach and traveling.

Ada has been nominated for numerous Gold and Silver Logies at the TV WEEK LOGIE AWARDS since joining Home and Away.

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