Monday, August 15 - Ep 5361

* Leah and Miles find it impossible to keep their news secret
* Brax learns some life changing news

* Sid and Roo's romantic get-together is interrupted by a surprise visitor

Tuesday, August 16 - Ep 5362

* Sid struggles to deal with Jody's presence
* Miles makes a life-changing decision

* Alf gets bad news from the Council

Wednesday, August 17 - Ep 5363

* Dex worries that his parents are looking to reconcile
* Roo's attempt to help Alf results in a surprise decision

* Liam and Bianca's relationship takes a turn for the worse

Thursday, August 18 - Ep 5364

* Bianca admits she needs help.
* Kelly struggles to find her place after Dean's arrest.

* Casey discovers Brax is being lied to about Darcy.

Friday, August 19 - Ep 5365

* Brax discovers the truth about Darcy.
* Kelly leaves Summer Bay.
* Miles and Leah take their relationship to the next level.

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