Harvey Ryan is big on sailing, boating and all things to do with the sea. Brought up all his life in Summer Bay - he runs a local fishing charter.

Harvey is a big fish in a small pond and more than capable of winning a woman over with his smile, his easy charm and his blokey boatie ways.

He's also more than capable of making enemies and will get on the wrong side of many of Summer Bay's locals including Romeo Smith.

Romeo is convinced that Harvey trashed his boat in an attempt to sink his business. Then, when he finds Harvey stealing his clients and blatantly copying his business ideas, Romeo decides to play rough and reports Harvey to the police as a suspect in the vandalism of the boat.

The gloves are off and both men settle in for a war. But when Elijah inadvertently gives evidence to clear Harvey of the crime, Romeo apologises to Harvey. But it's too late. Harvey isn't interested in apologies and has just complained to the council about the fact Romeo and Alf don't have a permit for their mooring. Will this be the end of Romeo's fledgling business?

Marcus can be seen on-air from 7pm Wednesday 10th August. He is still well-remembered for his role as Wheels in E-Street and is currently appearing in ABC's Crownies.

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