1. How did you get the role on Home and Away?

"I got the role of Marty Jones on Home and Away from an audition that I got to go into here in Hawaii. My agent called me up and said that they are casting a really cool role on the most famous show in Australia and if I was up to auditioning for it, I jumped at the chance and it was awesome working with a super great cast and crew in Hawaii."

2. Were you aware of the show and its popularity in Australia?

"Not when I first heard of it no, only because we don't have that show here in Hawaii, but when I went online and saw how big it was in Australia I thought that was pretty cool and it must be a really good show if it has been air for so long."

3. You have a family connection to Australia is that right?

"I do, my brother in law Sam is from Sydney, Australia, and now lives here in Hawaii with my sister and their 2 kids. He still has his accent from Australia which is pretty cool sounding."

4. What was the experience on Home and Away like for you?

"It was really great. Super nice cast and crew, could not have asked for a better experience. Really great group of people. Australians seem like the nicest people in the world. I feel like I made some really great new friends."

5. Can you tell us a little bit about your acting background?

"I grew up in Hawaii and later moved to California to give acting a shot. Stayed in LA for almost 10 years working and studying. I had a really good time living there and working on many different shows and stuff, good times. Now I get to do a bit of acting here in Hawaii especially with the new hit Hawaii Five-O. I actually just had a part I played as Lucky. I had a really good scene with actor Scott Caan who is one of the stars of the show. I also got to hang out with Alex O'Loughlin who is from Australia, really nice guy|"

6. You are a Hawaiian five time surf champion - did that help get you the role?

"I'm not sure maybe, it might have helped that I can surf, because my character is a surfer. I have been a surfer all my life. It has opened many doors for me along the way. I grew up surfing all the contest here in Hawaii and have been lucky to win a few and travel the world surfing. I feel very blessed that I am so lucky to have surfing in my life."

7. What was it like teaching Samara Weaving to surf?

"It was really fun taking Samara out surfing; she was a natural from the start. We got her up on a few good waves. I think she really enjoyed surfing in Hawaii!

Thanks again to all the cast and crew who made this a great time!"

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