Monday episode 5311 - 6/06/11

Laura, Roo's ex-business partner, is in town reminiscing about their days working together. Roo is a little awkward discussing their past, but sure enough offers Laura a place to stay - with her. When Roo and Romeo bump into Sid and Elijah at the Diner, Elijah and Sid ask Roo for advice on a fund-raising opportunity (for an African hospital), putting her on the spot. She'll discuss it with Elijah later, but Laura's interest has definitely been sparked. Soon enough, Laura corners Roo about going into business again, to which Roo vehemently refuses. But a friendly push from Sid and one final plea from Laura gets Roo on board and the pair decide to take on the fund-raiser together.

Elijah's proposed fund-raiser brings Sid and Roo closer together. Sid and Marilyn are on the rocks, and though respectful of that - Sid and Roo are finding it difficult to keep their feelings for each other at bay. When Elijah meets Laura, the pair hit it off immediately. Roo teases Laura about her 'Reverend romance', but Laura playfully points at the sexual tension between Roo and Sid. It seems both girls are finding love complicated in the Bay.

Romeo has been trying, unsuccessfully, to contact Ruby - to tell her he has an STI. Indi insists Romeo must tell Ruby today. But before he gets the chance, Indi bumps into Ruby at the Surf Club and blurts it out. Casey, shocked and angry to hear the news, attacks Romeo on the beach and warns him to stay away from Ruby. It's a brutish approach that makes Ruby rethink her relationship with this ex-River Boy.

Tuesday episode 5312 - 7/06/11

As Charlie's birthday approaches, Ruby and Bianca plan her surprise party at Angelo's with a little help from Casey and April. It's clear that Bianca is still down over Liam's absence. But April is keen to get Bianca out and about - to take her mind off things. At Charlie's surprise party, Bianca leaves early but Heath follows and challenges her to a flirtatious game of pool.

It's a couple of days before Charlie's birthday, and Charlie and Brax are continuing their secret affair from a motel room. The pair flirt with the idea of coming clean to their friends and colleagues| but decide against it. When Charlie returns home she finds a chlamydia brochure and confronts Ruby about keeping this a secret. Ruby is quick to retort - telling Charlie she's the one, in fact, who's keeping secrets. Later, at her surprise birthday party, Charlie decides to make her relationship with Brax public. But, Morag, who's noticed Charlie and Brax surreptitiously flirting all night, senses the imminent revelation and interferes before Charlie compromises herself.

In an attempt to pull Dex out of his emotional funk, April and Xav set him up on a date with local girl, Summer. It's an earnest gesture from his friends, but it doesn't go to plan for Dex. The date is a huge failure and a confused Dex discovers he only has eyes for April.

Wednesday episode 5313 - 8/06/11

Nicole is feeling conflicted about adopting out her baby George to Marilyn and Sid. Meanwhile, Angelo heads to work, for the first time since his assault, and retrieves a surveillance camera from it's hiding place. When Angelo returns home to watch the surveillance footage he finds what he was looking for - dirt. It's incriminating footage of Brax and Heath discussing their role in a recent assault. But as he calls Charlie to arrange a meeting, the footage continues| to reveal Charlie and Brax getting it on!

Full of concern, a rattled Angelo tails Charlie's car to a secret motel location where she waits for Brax. There, Angelo confronts Charlie, imploring her to stay clear of Brax. When Brax finds the motel room empty he returns to the Surf Club only to be intercepted by Angelo, who gives Brax an ultimatum - buy him out of Angelo's or he'll go to Charlie with the surveillance footage. Brax folds and gives Angelo what he wants. When Angelo tells Nicole about the deal, she's confused but he tells her it's enough money to start fresh somewhere else - with baby George.

When Charlie's secret affair with Brax is uncovered by Angelo, Charlie is forced to make a big decision about her future. She decides to call things off with Brax - it's too risky.

Heath bumps into Bianca at the Surf Club and the pair continue their flirting from the previous night. It's a rendezvous that leads them to the beach and tantalisingly close to hooking up. However, Irene and Roo are quick to advise Bianca to be careful with Heath - he might be dangerous.

Thursday episode 5314 - 9/06/11

Nicole is still conflicted over giving up her baby son, George, to Marilyn and Sid. Angelo wants to leave town to start afresh, and he wants to take Nicole and George with him. After Morag receives an unexpected house guest - Douglas, the grandfather of baby George - she advises Nicole to act on her desire for custody now to avoid any attempt by Douglas to seek guardianship of his grandson. After Douglas has the chance to meet his grandson, Nicole makes the decision to leave Summer Bay with Angelo - and they're going to take George with them.

Sid and Roo arrive early for the meeting, which gives them an opportunity to flirt, before Gina, John and Laura turn up to kick proceedings off. Laura and Roo wow the meeting with their astute business approach and convince the group that a B&S ball is the right framework for the fundraiser. After a successful meeting with the Hospital Board, Sid and Roo are excited and clearly pining for each other's company. Where will this go?

Elijah and Laura are happy at crossing paths on their way to the fund-raiser meeting. It's a perfect chance to get to know each other and the pair arrange for drinks later in the evening. It's a date.

Friday episode 5315 - 10/06/11

Nicole and Angelo have told Marilyn and Sid they want custody of baby George. Sid asks Nicole to reconsider but Nicole and Angelo are adamant about moving away from Summer Bay for good, with George. As Sid tries to explain the legalities to Marilyn, it's soon clear she won't be letting go without a fight. Marilyn seeks legal advice from Morag but doesn't get the answers she's looking for - in fact she has no right to make a custody claim. Despite this, Marilyn meets with Nicole to discuss the baby one more time and inadvertently discovers the truth behind Angelo's exit from Summer Bay - a payout from Brax to give up his restaurant. Immediately after, Marilyn meets Sid to propose using this dubious information against Angelo in a custody claim, but Sid talks her out of it and explains his intention to arrange the hand over. When Sid returns home after work he finds an empty cot - where's Marilyn and George?!

Sid asks Roo to try and reason with Nicole, but Roo won't be part of the discussion. It's not her place to interfere. When Roo arrives home she finds Morag and Marilyn discussing baby George. Once again, she must tell Marilyn she feels it's Nicole's decision to make. Marilyn leaves in a huff. Later, Nicole asks Roo if she's making the right decision but Roo simply tells her to look inside for the answer. Nicole smiles - she's certain.

Xavier decides to teach April how to surf as a gesture of his affection. But April's nowhere to be found, she's actually with Dex trying to console him after hearing the news about baby George. It's a gesture of friendship but the pair are clearly connecting on more than a plutonic level as they stroll on the beach. It's not until April remembers her date with Xavier that this flirty exchange is interrupted.

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