Monday episode 5306 - 30/05/11

Angelo awakens from him coma and is questioned by Charlie as to what happened. Angelo claims that he cannot remember but when he warns Nicole she suspects that he still remembers everything but doesn't want to say. After discussing what to do with Nicole, they decide to not say anything to Charlie.

Sid is dealing with having found Romeo and Indi together, he still doesn't approve or trust Romeo and struggles to contain an outburst at a family dinner.

After Liam has left town, Heath asks Bianca out on a date

Brodie is taken to hospital with abdominal pains and holds Nicole hostage when police see him try to escape. When Brodie escapes from the police, he goes directly to Brax. After witnessing an exchange between Brax and Charlie, Brodie now has the upper hand. Brax reluctantly agrees to assist Brodie in escaping from the police and leaving the country.

Tuesday episode 5307 - 31/05/11

Brax gives Charlie a tip about a drug bust to put her off Brodie's escape. Brodie tells him to get out of his relationship with Charlie now before things go bad. Brax's tip off leaves Charlie with more than she bargained for which leaves her wondering what Brax is in this relationship for. With news of the escape of Brodie from police custody, Colleen is feeling very stressed. When Keith comes to visit, they make plans for a quiet evening together

Romeo sees Elijah for advice about his relationship with Sid, while Marilyn questions why Sid is so hard on Romeo.

Wednesday episode 5308 - 1/06/11

In the aftermath of Keith's arrest Colleen is trying to put the whole incident behind her. Irene and Leah become when concerned when Colleen is acting like everything is well. When Irene talks to her about it Colleen reveals she is heartbroken, not over the drugs but the fact that Keith lied to her.

April is struggling with Liam leaving. Watching Bianca trying to get over the break up, April wants to get in touch with Liam but Xavier suggests that she just do nothing. Unable to let the matter go, April manages to track down Liam.

Gina is not looking forward to the music festival and being trapped in a car with Vanessa and as they drive there the mood is a little tense. When the festival is cancelled, Gina seems ready to return to the Bay but Vanessa suggests that the two of them go camping.

Thursday episode 5309 - 2/06/11

John is concerned for Gina after hearing she is planning on camping with Vanessa in the National Park. He and Xavier plan a rescue mission but end up bogging their car in transit.

On their way back from a picnic lunch, Gina and Vanessa spot the men struggling with their car and ironically come to their rescue.

When April confronts Liam she tries to convince him that more than just a note, he needs to explain to her why he left her. April tells Bianca where she found Liam. Bianca finally decides to go and see Liam. Liam finally tells Bianca that he doesn't want to see her anymore.

Colleen is struggling at work when Keith arrives to try and speak to her. Colleen doesn't want to see him and tries to ignore him. When Colleen finally agrees to sit down and talk to Keith he explains himself. Finally Colleen makes a decision about her future

Friday episode 5310 - 3/06/11

Nicole is struggling with her decision to give up George. When she goes to visit Sid and Marilyn, and sees them arguing as George cries, Nicole becomes more worried. After speaking to Indi Nicole is more certain that she may have made the wrong decision.

Angelo is discharged from hospital and tries to convince Nicole that Marilyn and Sid will take care of George - but does she want George back?

An old friend of Roo's Laura turns up in Summer Bay - but Roo doesn't seem as pleased as she should be.

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Caroline refuses to tell Duncan about her illness, but Roo thinks her brother has the right to know.



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