Will Smith

Will originally arrived in the Bay in 1998, as a hot-tempered trouble maker, who was determined to reconnect with his younger siblings, Hayley (Rebecca Hewitt) and Nick (Chris Egan). But over the years he calmed down and by the time he left the Bay was considered a generally 'good bloke'. Never very academic, Will worked for Alf on the boat as a deckhand, and eventually got his full coxswain's licence. He also had an extremely close relationship with Irene, who acted as a foster Mum to Will, Hayley and Nick. The three siblings lived with Irene at the Beach House.

By the time Will returns to the Bay, his marriage to high school sweetheart, Gypsy, has collapsed. They had been drifting apart for a while, then Gypsy decided she'd had enough - and walked out on him and their eleven year old daughter, Lily. Not knowing what to do, or who to turn to, Will decides to come back to Summer Bay to spend some time with his ever-reliable unofficial-surrogate-Mum, Irene.

Will is a loving father and would do anything for his daughter, Lily. But his temper still occasionally gets the better of him|which could land him in some serious trouble.

Will is played by Zac Drayson and since we last saw him he spent two years studying acting, then he travelled around Australia for three years. "I went to some amazing places and met some unreal people, surfed a lot, worked a lot, learnt how to be a concreter, and found Australia to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. When I came back I had a fire in my belly to get back into the acting scene" said Zac.

His recent credits include Packed to The Rafters, Young Lions, Always Greener and Rescue Special Ops.

Zac has stayed in touch with Danny Raco who played Leah's brother Alexi, Beau Brady who played Noah and Ryan Clark who played Sam and if he gets the call he would love to catch up with some of the other ex Home and Away cast in L.A. "I would love to do the L.A. thing, so if any agents are watching, please give us a call" he laughs with a cheeky wink.

Walking back into the Home and Away studio was "like putting on an old pair of ugg boots" he grinned. "It was just awesome, very comfortable, very cosy, everyone here is very welcoming, lots of cuddles, lots of kisses, it's great, it's a really beautiful place to work.

I love playing Will and I think there is something new in Will, he's a bit rougher around the edges, he's a lot more confused and gets into more trouble. I think he tries really hard to be a good Dad, but he gets lost in his own things like most humans do I suppose."

Lily Smith

Down to earth, sweet-natured and sensitive, Lily Smith is a fairly typical eleven year old girl. Lily has grown up in Queensland, close to Gypsy's extended family.

Lily hasn't been to Summer Bay since she was a baby: she was born on a roadside, on the same day as VJ Patterson. She is curious to see her father's home town|but not at all happy about their reason for being there.

Lily has been aware of ongoing, underlying tension between her mum and dad over the years, but is confused and upset about Gypsy's sudden departure. She's struggling to make sense of it all, and needs her father's support more than ever.

Lily is played by Charlie-Rose McLennan who lives on Sydney's northern beaches, where Home and Away is filmed. "I love the show, I like dramatic television" she told the local paper. Charlie-Rose also appeared in Underbelly 2 and Out of the Blue and the recently released feature film Lou starring John Hurt.

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