Monday episode 5151 - 30/08/10

Leah is explaining to Miles why it is she's been writing letters to Elijah every night, but not sending any of them - it simply makes her feel closer to Elijah. Miles asks her a difficult question - does she think she made a mistake letting Elijah go? But Leah doesn't know. Miles suggests that she send one of the letters while VJ's suggestion is that Leah reads Elijah's letters. Leah agrees and soon decides to read Elijah's letters. The letters make Leah feel even more close to Elijah and she then takes Miles' advice and decides to send one herself.

Dex is rehearsing his speech that he wants to give Marilyn, he's ready to tell her how he feels about her.

Charlie notices that Angelo is vey distant and assumes it has something to do with his brother. Angelo makes it clear he doesn't want to talk about it. Feeling left out of his family issues, Charlie is annoyed with Angelo, telling him not to bother talking to her until he's ready to include her. Paulie has come to talk to Angelo and Angelo then tells Charlie to join them - indicating that she is in fact part of his family. When Charlie finds out Paulie is in thirty thousand dollars worth of debt, she desperately tries to convince Angelo not to loan money to him as Angelo himself is already in debt. Angelo however, goes against Charlie's advice and makes the decision to extend his own loan with the bank, so he can get Paulie out of debt. It's soon revealed that Paulie didn't deal with a bank, instead he went to loan sharks and he used their parents business as collateral.

Tuesday episode 5152 - 31/08/10

Angelo reveals to Charlie that he is in fact going to help Paulie out with his money problems by getting an increase in his loan. But Charlie thinks Paulie's mistakes are his own and he himself should be dealing with them, not Angelo. But Angelo knows that his brother has no one else to turn to. Charlie thinks Paulie will never learn if Angelo keeps bailing him out. He knows Charlie's right and Angelo soon decides against helping Paulie out which is when Paulie goes to see Charlie, to beg her to reconsider her stance. Rather than putting Angelo in more debt, Charlie thinks there might be another way to help Paulie out. She soon approaches Xavier and asks if he still has Hugo's money.

Liam and Bianca skip library duty to hang out together at Bianca's house. Liam soon realises that tonight is a test to see if Bianca thinks he is worthy of more kisses. They finally agree that they can ask each other three questions each. But Liam's last question is a big one as he wonders if Bianca is still in love with Vittorio - Bianca answers, yes she is.

When Marilyn calls Sid to invite him over for dinner, Dex answers and pushes for an invite himself. Marilyn offers them both an invite to dinner. But when Sid emerges from the shower asking who was on the phone, Dex lies and says it was the hospital and they want Sid to go into work. Dex has sneakily moved Sid out of the way so he can spend the evening alone with Marilyn. When Dex arrives at Marilyn's house telling her Sid had to go to work, Marilyn invites Dex in for a meal anyway. Over Dinner, Dex confesses he is falling for Marilyn and even though she had her suspicions, she is left stunned.

Wednesday episode 5153 - 1/09/10

Liam is disappointed to hear about Bianca's love for her ex, Vittorio. Soon enough they are in another argument as Liam thinks Bianca could have been more subtle about telling him. Liam admits to Romeo that he's falling in love with Bianca.

Xavier is floored that Charlie would ask him for part of Hugo's money to get Paulie out of debt. Xavier asks Romeo and April for advice. Xavier's worried that if he hands the money over to a police officer, then it could be traced back to him. John gives Xavier good advice, telling him to make the decision he can live with the most, then live with it. John assures Xavier that he will know the opportunity when it comes along. It's a light bulb moment for Xavier who then calls Charlie and tells her she can have the money, but she has to take every single cent of it.

Miles assures Leah that Elijah probably will respond to her letter. Leah admits that she's not even sure what she wants out of this communication. Leah is wondering if she made the right decision by sending Elijah a letter at all. Miles suggests calling Elijah instead - then Leah might have an immediate answer to her concerns. Leah does just that and calls Elijah.

Ruby apologises to Liam for getting angry at him. Ruby also tells him she's okay with the fact that he has something going on with Bianca. Liam thanks her but he seems distracted. Liam reveals to Bianca that the record company are interested in signing Liam but not Ruby - he wonders how he's going to tell her.

Thursday episode 5154 - 2/09/10

Romeo has lost his voice and Nicole gives him a whiteboard attached to a lanyard to wear around his neck - so he can write what he wants to say. When Indi sees Romeo, she insists they go and see her dad to get a proper check up. Sid thinks Romeo's laryngitis may be caused by an allergy to something and Indi then worries that Romeo is perhaps allergic to her. Romeo assures her that it's not Indi he's allergic to and he gives her a passionate kiss. When Sid assesses Romeo once more, it's clear that it's Indi's lipstick he was allergic to the whole time. Romeo and Indi then decide to take the next step in their relationship

John prepares for his council meeting - hoping to get all his proposals through, including banning water bottles and installing recycle bins. During the meeting, the motion for banning water bottles is passed but to John's horror, funding the water bottle project will now be taken from his pet project the 'Highway to Summer Bay project'. April soon overhears John bagging the water bottle plan and she's furious at him. She wonders how they are going to rally support for this project when John can't even get enthusiastic about it.

Leah is thrilled that her phone call with Elijah went so well. She's even organised a follow up phone call with him. Before long, Leah and VJ decide to visit Elijah and they book two plane tickets to Africa.

Friday episode 5155 - 3/09/10

Mitzy arrives into town and she's already stirring up trouble at the Diner when Colleen spots her reading a book on the occult. Mitzy then turns up at Summer Bay House to see her best friend, Marilyn. It's revealed that Mitzy is a physic and she met Marilyn while Marilyn was in recovery from her cancer. Mitzy then drops a bomb - she knows when Marilyn's going to die. Marilyn is already aware of the information but it's news to Sid. Mitzy tell Sids she knows the time, the day, the month and the year of Marilyn's death. Fortunately for Sid, he doesn't believe in psychic ability and dismisses it. Marilyn is disappointed in Sid for not taking it seriously and asks him to leave.

Liam is finally telling Ruby what the record company said - they're only interested in signing Liam. Ruby is shattered and feeling as though their creative partnership is over. She is deeply upset and starts drinking again.

Sid and Marilyn are still concerned that Dex has admitted his love for Marilyn. Marilyn wants Sid to talk to Dex and Sid explains that he just has to find the right time.

Indi is concerned about sleeping with Romeo. Nicole assures her that Romeo is different to her ex boyfriend.

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