Sid Walker (played by Robert Mammone) is his own worst enemy. An excellent doctor with a winning bedside manner, Sid has never had trouble charming people - be they patients or co-workers. In fact he can't turn off the charm, specially when it comes to women.

Before coming to Summer Bay - intent on making a fresh start with his wife Jodi and teenaged kids Indigo and Dexter - Sid promised his family and himself that his cheating ways were over. Ever the optimist, Sid believes his own hype but Sid's promises are easily broken, and Jodi decided enough was enough and left him and her children in Summer Bay.

Left to fend for himself as a single father to kids who were already sporting battle scars from their father's infidelity, Sid struggled. Life completely unravelled when Nicole Franklin developed an infatuation with him and Indi saw them together. This led to the family leaving Summer Bay and the kids went to live with their mother.

Six months later, Sid was offered a job back at the Summer Bay Hospital. He's a little reluctant to return, but saw it as a good opportunity for his career and when he learns of Indi and Dexter's predicament, he vows to put his family first.

Indigo Walker (played by Samara Weaving) blames her parents' break-up on both mother and father. In fact, she feels Jodi contributed in large part to Sid's infidelity, and hence finds it hard to hate him for his ill deeds. She believes people lie, cheat and let you down horribly on a day-to-day basis, and the only way to survive is to keep a cool head and go with the flow.

She has re-evaluated her life since her accident (she fell through a coffee table after smoking marijuana when she saw Nicole and her father together) and since her mother ran off with her boyfriend. Although she is worried about returning to Summer Bay, her newfound confidence and maturity will allow her to put the past behind her and make new friends.

Dexter Walker (played by Charles Cottier) wears his sense of humour like a suit of armour. After all he's been through, with his parents' separation, he's relied on his quick wit and keen sense of irony to keep him from falling into the pit of frustration and disappointment his father Sid has dug for him and his sister. Even though his fresh, funny approach to life's challenges makes him attractive to the girls, his heart has been broken by his parents' inability to keep their promises to each other.

He has been forced to grow up quickly, although he still misses his mother. He can be extremely annoying and embarrassing to his older sister, but can also be supportive to both Indi and Sid.

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