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Born in Calgary, Canada on March 14, 1991, Rhiannon moved to Melbourne at age four when her engineer father got a job transfer. Originally planning on staying for 18 months, the family extended their visa and embraced Melbourne as their new home.

Outside of school, Rhiannon studied musical theatre, drama and dance, but at age 11 knew that acting above all else was her ultimate passion.

Rhiannon graduated last year from The Children's Performing Company of Australia (after joining at age nine) and performed in musicals such as The Lion King.

Rhiannon was first seen on screens in Neighbors at just 11 years old. She then received a role in As the Bell Rings (Disney Channel) and starred in a feature film shot in Victoria called Playing for Charlie (to be released this year)

Rhiannon recalls the audition process for Home and Away:

"It all happened so quickly. Monday was my first audition, I got a call back on Friday and by the next Monday I was sitting in the Home and Away make-up chair.

"I have watched the show my whole life and I was so nervous to meet everyone. On one of the first days, Ray Meagher was nice enough to sit down and have lunch with me, it was so surreal, I could not believe I was in Sydney with a role on the show, and having lunch with a television icon.

"I really love April. She is very unique and doesn't care that she is different than other people. She has strong opinions on everything from the environment to fashion and is not afraid to express those and be herself."

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